A major shift in Physical Therapy

IASTM isn’t the only option. Discover CAST.

CAST is the future of Physical Therapy.
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Forget heavy, hard to use Physical Therapy tools and embrace the modern alternative.

What’s the big deal about Carbon Assisted Soft Tissue? CAST is a lightweight, manageable and effective tool designed for all Physical Therapy techniques.

Only 1.52 oz (43 gr).

Light as a feather, strong as steel. Three layers of high quality paint encase CAST’s revolutionary 100% carbon steel core.

100% Italian.

Ergonomic and easy to use, CAST is Italian style brought to life. Use the tool produced by the official supplier of F1.

Wherever, whenever.

Easy to carry, pack and transport. CAST’s compact, lightweight design means it’s ready for action wherever, and whenever you are.

Low in price, high in value.

Can’t afford the investment in IASTM’s? CAST is the affordable, effective alternative.

Warranty protected and proven to perform

Designed to withstand pressures of up to 600 lbs / 300 kilograms, CAST doesn’t require lubrication and is protected by a two year manufacturer’s warranty

Already a pro at using IASTM? Awesome, you’re ready for CAST.

Unpack it and get to work right away. If you’re adept at IASTM, you’re ready for CAST.

Don’t miss the latest innovation in Physical Therapy

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See CAST at work

Optimise your Physical Therapy technique, minimise the strain on your body and create better patient outcomes

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What is CAST?

CAST stands for Carbonium Assisted Soft Tissue. A smart IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), it’s a lightweight instrument designed to perform fascial treatment while protecting your hands.

Traditional Physical Therapy tools don’t always create great results for you or your patients. CAST is different.

Beautiful, light, easy to use and transport, it’s the affordable alternative to heavy, hard to use tools. Designed to optimise both user and patient outcomes, it’s:

  • Lightweight and designed to withstand intense pressure over the long term
  • Visually appealing and sleek and compact in design
  • Metal free and easy to carry, pack and transport
  • Easy to use and designed to minimise the impact of prolonged IASTM use over time